MARC NEUMANN presents …


10 minute Documentary

Watch how EASY is was for FOODICYN to turn these individuals lives around.

AND Learn How you can Make Foodicyn in the Comfort of your Own Kitchen!


Stop Food-Related Health Problems

Are you sick and tired of always feeling sick and tired?

Looking to get healthier and lose weight in a more natural way?

Don’t believe the food industry has your back anymore?

You might be one of the billions of human beings on this planet affected today because of profits alone leaving behind the basic necessities for our human survival.

STEP UP TODAY, for your own sake and learn how to break away from this toxicity now!

Take back Control of your Health

The way we have been taught to eat in the 20th century is not working for our species and is endangering your health. It’s time to take back control just like I did as well as the rest of the volunteers in this documentary.

Learn the simple Mother Nature inspired methodology to blend yourself healthy in just 28 days.

Feel less bloated, relieve acid reflux and IBD symptoms with an added bonus of weight loss, and find yourself with a better healthier functioning body.

Become A Healthier You In Just 28 Days

Learn how this whole new FOODICYN way of life changed the health and wellness of these volunteers in just 28 days and it can do the same for you.

Feed yourself the way human have done for millennia before the 20th Century food giants came along and learn the basic fundamentals of reducing inflammation inside the body for a cooler, soother and better operating system.


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