As we start to explore the differences between the 20th & 21st century understanding of human nutrition, you will come to understand why it so important that we start to separate the two.

In the simplest of terms, 20th century has helped us connect with food on a molecular scientific basis such as calories, carbs, fats, proteins, sugar, sodium & cholesterol and is not working, while the new 21stcentury understanding has been around for millennia and is all about a Mother Nature, cellular connection through alkaline, fiber, vitamins, minerals and enzymes.

Most already know, but don’t understand the 20thcentury “rules” because they change all the time and are pretty complicated, so I thought I’d focus this edition on when and why those rules came about in the first place and why they don’t make sense anymore.  It’s important to know where we come from in order to know where we are going, so let’s begin.

After WW2, factories now producing canned goods and other food supplies for the troops had come to a sudden stand still.  The momentum of supply and demand had completely stopped but the factories had products to make and so they lowered their production costs, created a fancy schmancy label and used whatever transportation necessary at that time to get their product on shelves of “the local grocer”.

Initially, it was the well-off individuals who would be able to purchase such luxuries but as industries grew, so did employment and net worth and infrastructure and transportation and along with it came Urban sprawl by the mid 50’s.

Now, you could live away from it all and have everything you ever needed at your fingertips…the one stop shop supermarket with the latest “products” from one of the manufacturers or the latest and newest chain restaurant offering a dining experience that was out of this world.  It truly must have been an exciting time to be alive, at least in North America, where all the action was happening and so, without a second thought from anyone, the celebration of life and living continued, and in many aspects, still continues today, but I digress.

It wasn’t until the 60’s where things started to take a turn for the worse.  Industries started noticing certain negative trends both in spending habits and human health and instead of looking internally to try and fix what wasn’t working for the human body, they spent millions conducting scientific experiments with certain conclusions in mind, to be able to shift the blame away from themselves so they could ramp up production, all in the name of profits.

This in return created the first of the food wars which was the “Sugar vs Fat” debate and then along came the new “fad diets” and the ever changing landscape of the marketed food product.

To add insult to injury, the first “food Pyramid” was introduced in 1974 in Sweden as a representation of the optimal number of servings to be consumed daily from each basic food group.  Its sole purpose was not to curb the poor eating habits of human society, but more so to level out the spending habits of the populations so each group (industry) could sustain.  By 1992, this became the USDA food guide which became “My Pyramid” in 2005 and subsequently replaced with “My Plate” in 2011…all in the name of industry, not human health!

By the 90’s, the food industries had become superpowers and there was no stopping growth…”either your moving forward or you’re not!”  This mantra should never have been applied to human nutrition and the powers that be knew it, so instead of curbing the problem, governments around the world agreed on a new labeling system.

This new system didn’t teach humans to eat healthier, it simply told us what was in the “foods” they were producing, and I don’t mean ingredients…I mean a molecular breakdown with a maximum daily consumption rate of 2000 calories per day.  This has not helped society in the least because we have 2.3 billion people suffering daily from obesity, diabetes and inflammation, the point being

WE ARE CELLULAR HUMAN BEINGS, NOT A SCIENCE EXPERIMENT and if we keep following the “rules” set out by science and not Mother Nature, we are sure to eat ourselves into oblivion, however, if we return back to Mother Nature to nurture, only then are we able to  reverse every man-made disease inside our bodies.

I’d like to mention that the Canadian food guide released in 2019 is probably the best model to follow when it comes to eating correctly for the human being to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but, if your already in that unhealthy, unwell and inflamed state inside your body, then stay tuned because understanding Nutrition Redefined for the 21st Century can and will save your life!